Closing down websites

Some of you may know that over the years i have been in to my web design/development and enjoy checking out new web related things.

I have a couple of websites running and domain names but i’m going to start closing them down and running everything from here.

So the blog site will move to and sites like;

Will all close.
I work full time and this is a hobby so I’m not looking at making a tone of money.
I will still offer my services but all money goes into the running of all my servers and i do believe in charity so i will start donating more to charities with left over money. This might not be a lot of money but every little helps as they say.

PHPMailer Critical Vulnerability

Late last year the was a critical vulnerability found with PHPMailer.

This effected any CMS or other sites that used PHPMailer within there site to send out emails using SMTP.
Although this has been fixed it is your job to update it.

This effected CMS like WordPress, e107 and Drupal.

I dont know a grate deal about the vulnerability here is a link with a little more infomation.

*** HERE ***

Linux Gaming | New games

I’m looking at getting back in to Linux gaming after a long time away from it.
What games would you like to see?

If I do a poll you can choose the game.

What game should we look at getting to play on Linux?
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The Division
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New Site

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to my new blog.
When I say new, I really haven’t had one for some time now.

I would also like to wish you all the very best for 2017 and I hope it’s good to you.

Please take the time to read about me, Here and what I would like from the blog.

Hope I get to speak with some of you in the near future.