Paul Caine

The man the myth

Hello and welcome, My name Is Paul Caine and I'm a freelance web developer.
The idea behind the website is ofcause to show my work and help others with theirs.

Please feel free to get In contact regarding any questions you have about what I do and even If your looking to hire me.

Checkout some of my work, I'm updating my protfolio as iI go along.

latest project

barrow island community sports trust

I have been managing the Barrow Island Community Sports Trust website for a while now.
The site is built on the Laravel framework and I have enjoyed managing It.
This one means alot to me as the community hub Is within my community and also they are close friends who run It.


Some of the nice things said!

Rob McAloone

Rob McAloone

Director @ BICST

I came to Paul back In 2018 regarding a website for the community hub.
We did already have one but we didnt have access to It so we were unable to keep it updated.

Paul has been a massive support, coming to see us with updates and taking photos, we have not needed to worry.

Hes even add more than we asked for, a blog and hes even started working on the sports fixtures. We couldn't ask for more.